Ignite the spirit. Change the way. We guide brave leaders to build engaged, connected cultures, where happiness and high performance co-exist.

20+ years
30+ countries
40+ industries
100+ organiZations
10,000+ leaders
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The Zone is the space that includes being and doing.

What we do

We get your leaders, teams, and organization in The Zone.

A space where happiness and high performance co-exist, where organizations hum with productivity, purpose, and wellbeing and become a force for good.

Our Services

25 years of mastery, tailored, deeply personal and radically collaborative. This is transformation from the inside out.

Executive Coaching

Using our MyZone© methodology we coach your executives to discover and activate their purpose, vision, values and action plan for life to show up as authentic, impactful leaders.

Leadership Development

We take your managers beyond great ‘doers’ to being exceptional leaders, providing training on understanding the self, how to lead others and the system of greater business dynamics.

High Impact Teams

We align and accelerate your teams to consistent high performance, embracing challenge, responsibility, learning and success, together.

Culture Change

We harness the true power of culture, creating a sustainable, high performing organisation, driven by shared purpose.

"I mean, we saw results immediately."

Drew Sansone, VP Regulatory Affairs & Quality
Ipsen Pharmaceuticals, North America
U.S Biotech

When you need us

We support brave leaders to transform organizations, create a high impact teams, and elevate their leadership.

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You're facing


Your organization wants to resolve friction to refocus on your purpose and potential.

Are you facing…
• Leadership misaligned
• Poor performance
• Toxic culture

You're going through


Your organization needs to level up to navigate change masterfully.

Are you going through…
• Merger and acquisition
• New leadership
• Organization transformation

Why does it matter?

Less than a quarter of us are engaged in our work, costing organizations trillions each year.

But, it’s not just profit and productivity that's lost—it’s also our collective wellbeing, happiness, creativity and life fulfilment.


Actively disengaged and not engaged employees cost $8.8 trillion to companies globally in lost productivity, equating to 9% of global GDP.


Only 23% of the global workforce are actively engaged and supporting your mission.


79% of employees quit their jobs primarily due to a lack of appreciation from their leaders.


Purpose-driven organisations experience 30% higher levels of innovation and 40% higher retention.


56% of prospective employees said a good workplace culture was more important than salary for job satisfaction.

Want to get started?

We support brave leaders to transform business for the better, no matter what stage they’re at.

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We're transforming the world of work, to transform the future of our world.

Awakening heart, spirit and purpose, we guide brave leaders to build engaged, connected cultures where happiness and high performance co-exist.

Activating your leaders, teams and culture to lead from purpose and live from values, we help your work become a place to thrive—and your organization become a force for good.

Tailored, deeply personal and radically collaborative, this is transformation from the inside out.

Ignite the spirit. Change the way.

How We Work With You

A global team of masterful facilitators

Utilising over 20 years of proven methodology

Facilitating impactful and transformative experiences

Co-creating and delivering bespoke solutions

Accelerating results for high performance and happiness

Meet the Team

Our diverse global team are a combination of industry experts, ex-c-suite leaders, facilitators and coaches. They've walked your walk and guide you masterfully through transformation to reach your goals.

Kind words from Clients

The Zone Client, Elise Longbottom of Burberry UK

"We made a huge difference in the company because we were were refocused. And because honestly, we felt heard and seen."

Elise Longbottom
Marketing Manager
Burberry (UK)

The Zone Client, Mark Kehoe of Gumtree Australia

"Liam and his team are magicians.
To bring two disaffected businesses with completely different cultures together felt impossible, but the quick and clear process of The Zone was extraordinary."

Mark Kehoe
Gumtree Australia

The Zone Client, Mark Bayliss

"We’ve been consistently successful after working with The Zone to change our culture. It’s manifested itself in superior financial performance. The positive impact is on our employees, customers and stakeholders too."

Mark Bayliss
A2B Australia

The Zone Client, Drew Sansone of Ipsen Pharmaceuticals

"...I mean, we saw results immediately. 
If you’re looking to optimize your team, The Zone is a good idea."

Drew Sansone
VP Regulatory Affairs,
Quality & Safety

Ipsen Pharmaceuticals (North America)

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TEDx IUM Liam Forde:
What's really killing us?

What are the three factors that drive engagement, unlock human potential and foster collective intelligence at work? Find out with The Zone CEO and Founder, Liam Forde.

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How Emotional Intelligence Makes Leaders More Impactful

A leader and team's Emotional Intelligence is directly correlated with performance. Discover how we all make decisions based on emotions and how to manage this with Zone Partner, Gemma Garcia Godall.

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